Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Road conditions

Today is Thursday, and the day I normally hop in the car and journey over the water to do office-like things at Studio Foglio.
But yesterday's snow is now coated with a crust of ice, and tiny ice pellets continue to fall, making a wonderful susurration if I was willing to stand there with the door open (which I am not).

So I already called in, and we'll do stuff tomorrow instead, after what is expected to be a solid night of melting.

Saw this just now on the local message board:
"There is a tree across Vashon Highwy just north of Inspiration point.
The snow plow is stuck in a ditch at the corner of Wax Orchard Rd. and 220th."

Hmmm. Snow plow stuck in the ditch. Good call I think!
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