Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

I love living in the future

I just finished a long video chat with my dad, my sister, three of my four brothers and a bunch of kids and close family friends. Most of them are from Chicago, one from Green Bay, all were down in Arkansas visiting with the one brother that lives down there.

He's been having a difficult but so far fairly successful battle with lung cancer, and since he lives so far from the rest of the clan we all don't see him much. So this weekend, those who had the time to spare rented a passenger van and drove down to visit him. Flying across country is not something I can take on just now, so instead we hooked up a laptop there with gmail video chat, and, just because we were trying things, also an iPad2 by Skype. We never did get the video on their side of the Skype session to work, but they already had it through the laptop, so that was fine. Meanwhile, I had two camera angles on them, and we had a long group conversation, just like I was a head in a jar or something.

Pretty cool, and it was great to see and talk with both my brother and my dad. OK, it was of course great to talk with the others too (we all get along really well), but those are the two I see the least often.

Yeay technology!

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