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Emerald City Comic Con

ECCC is this weekend, one of my favorite events, and one where I rarely make it out from the Studio Foglio table because we're usually kept pretty busy. But I still love to note who else is going to be there, so here's my handy reference (muchly from Fleen):

(Sometimes I've thrown in the comic name, mostly not. I may come back here later and fill in the rest, and add links, and comments, and stuff. Or I may actually get some real work done.)

- Angela Melick - Wasted Talent (307)
- Ben Costa - Shi Long Pang (P18)
- Daniel Corsetto - Girls with Slingshots (309)
- David Maguire (P04)
- Dylan Meconis (223)
- Ed Brisson (F10)
- Erica Moen (223)
- Gordon McAlpin - Multiplex (307)
- Jim Zub - Skullkickers (C11)
- Joel Watson - Hijinks Ensue (307)
- Mary Cagle - Kiwi Blitz (H07)
- Matthew Inman - The Oatmeal (705)
- Randall Milholland - Something Positive (309)
- YukoandAnanth - Johnny Wander (A22)
- Zack Weiner - Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (206)(Unshelved)

Alaska Robotics (216)
- Could be any or all of Sarah Asper-Smith, Dani Byers, Lou Logan, Bonny Mara, Pat Race or Aaron Suring. Snitched the list of their website, but it doesn't mention who's attending.

Blank Label (210)
- David Willis - Shortpackeded!, Dumbing of Age
- Kel McDonald - Sorcery 101
- Magnolia Porter

Blind Ferret (306)
- Lar DeSouza - Least I Could Do, Looking for Group
- Ryan Sohmer - Least I Could Do, Looking for Group

Halfpixel (102)
- Brag Guigar - Evil Inc.
- Scott Kurtz - PVP
- Kris Straub - Starslip
- Dave Kellett - Sheldon

KsBoom! (402)
- Ryan North - Dinosaur Comics

Periscope Studio (222)
- Aaron McConnell (The US Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation)
- Ben Bates (Sonic The Hedgehog, Mega Man)
- Ben Dewey (Tragedy Series, Star Wars)
- Rich Ellis (Memorial)
- Cat Farris (Flaccid Badger, Frog Song)
- David Hahn (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four)
- Dennis Culver (Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad)
- Dustin Weaver (S.H.I.E.L.D.)
- Jeremy Barlow (Metalocalypse, Star Wars)
- Steve Lieber (Underground, Whiteout)
- Natalie Nourigat (Between Gears)
- Patric Reynolds (Serenity, Let Me In)
- Paul Guinan (Boilerplate)
- Ron Chan (The Guild, Roy’s Boys)
- Ron Randall (Trekker, Supergirl)
- Sean Kelley (Roy’s Boys)
- Wook-Jin Clark (The Return of King Doug)

Studio Foglio (110)
- Kaja Foglio
- Phil Foglio
- Cheyenne Wright

Topatoco (202 & 203):
- Aaron Diaz - Dresden Codex
- Anthony Clark
- Axe Cop (Ethan and Malachi)
- Chris Hastings
- Chris Yates
- David Malki ! - Wondermark
- Jeph Jacques - Questionable Content
- Jhonen Vasquez
- Machine of Death
- Meredith Gran - Octopus Pie
- Ryan North - Dinosaur Comics
- Sam Logan - Sam and Fuzzy
- Tiny Kitten Teeth
- Tyson Hesse
- Wes and Tony

Unshelved (206)
- Bill Barnes - Unshelved
- Gene Ambaum - Unshelved

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