Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Today turned into Dig Out Blackberry Day.

I'm planning to spend at least one hour outside every day. Whether that's a long walk, a trip to Seattle or some time planting and weeding in the yard will depend on the needs of the day.

I've been learning more about the plants native to the area, and even more about the invasive plants that need to be removed. The number one bad guy for most of Vashon is the Himalayan Blackberry, a beautiful arching vine plant that sports fragrent white flowers in the spring and large delicious berries in late summer. Unfortunately, it also spreads so fast and grows so dense that any other plant in the area is overwhelmed. Razor sharp thorns make passing it an adventure, and removing it a hazard.

I'm lucky enough to have very little blackberry already established. "Very little" means that although I've found quite a lot of vines, most of the other plants haven't died yet. Pulling them out has made for a scratchy, sweaty, but satisfying morning. I got about 40 sqft of Douglas Fir forest de-blackberried! If I keep this pace up, I should be done before fall.

Too bad that's never the end of it. They spread by seed, carried by birds, so I'm told I should figure on doing some version of this every year.

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