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As the accumulation of events continues, properly remembering which ones occurred, and when, has become more challenging.
Today's example: San Diego Comic-Con 2011. I was *sure* that I had attended, as Phil and Kaja have been kind enough to bring me along every year for some time now. (I try to make it up to them by enthusiastically spreading the fame (and sales) of Girl Genius and all things Foglio.)

But this past Monday I was unable to find any sales data for that year - and that's just weird as I compulsively compile sales info for every event I can. I was also having trouble being firm about which year my various memories of the convention occurred. Was it possible that I hadn't gone last year? So today I skimmed back in time on LJ - not one mention of SDCC for 2011.

No Notes in the portable brain (iPhone), and the calendar for last year got wiped in one of the earlier updates. How about Photos? Success! There is one photo in the right time frame, the SDCC exclusive My Little Pony (which I decided was too ugly to be worth pursuing, especially as I wasn't all that interested anyway).

Having one solid thread to follow lead to other memories - but I'm still really struggling to nail down which year which memories occurred in. And some things that should be easy are still not coming: The first Girl Genius novel had come out in hardcover months before - but did we have the tradepaperback there to sell? Even knowing that we might have, I just can't remember.

So, newly awakened interest in taking more photos, and writing more up on what I'm doing, where I'm going, and what I think about it. Shade of the scenes in Crystal Singer, without the impetus of a memory-destroying crystal.

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