Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Raining Like a Raining-Thing Here

It really does rain most of the time here. Well, not what a MidWesterner would call rain, but perceptible moisture descending from the sky. Thicker than mist, thinner than drizzle.

Today is slightly different, in that the rain has visible drops, and may eventually accumulate into measurable amounts. Good crop-watering rain. Bad bike-riding rain, which I am finding a guilty pleasure in. I both did and did not want to ride a bike today. I'm barely competent at riding and could use the practice. I don't get out enough and could use the exercise. But I know it will be a lot more work than fun, and I already have many hours more tasks to do here than there is time to do them - so here's to doing some of them, and NOT riding a bike today, and NOT spending all day on LJ/FB.

But before I go - 50% off ebook sale at Diane Duane's website, good until midnight tomorrow. I bought the Young Wizard series.
eARC of the next Vorkosigan saga, $15. I am putting this purchase off until next week, because I still want to get things done now.
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