Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Not Really A Surprise

As it's been about a year since the car has needed any maintenance, it was not as much of a shock as it might have been when I saw puffs of white smoke coming out of the hood during a traffic stop. While I stopped in a bit at a gas station I couldn't see any apparent source, and it had all but stopped when I did. Filled the tank and added some oil just on general principle and watched with dismay as the temp meter rose higher and higher on the drive to the dock. Decided to make for the island anyway, and parked in the lot after the ferry.

This morning I phoned the repair place I've used most often, and asked when I might be able to bring it in. First opening - July 9th. Yeah. No. Said thanks for looking, and phoned the other (also very good) repair place. Rick said bring it on in, so I had the perilous trip from the dock, with the meter pinned for the last part of the run.

Verdict now in: old hoses, the whole set needs to be replaced. I'd asked for an oil change as well (I know it needs it), and the total for parts, labor, etc is going to be $680. Yow. But I know all too well it could have been much worse. Cars are a consumable just like groceries, but on a longer time scale.

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