Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

A short while back I decided that a regular desk-type full time job would overly interfere with the plethora of tasks I've already taken on at home, without a sufficient monetary reward. But a part time gig that got me out fo the house and seeing other people now and then would be most welcome.

I've just gotten a second call-back for a part-time fill in spot as a Post Office Rural Carrier, and I find I'm really looking forward to it, so I hope everything goes well.

One challenge, however. Before I can start I'll need to buy a vehicle to do the deliveries with. It doesn't have to look great, but it does need to be able to be driven from the right side at need, which our standard transmission, bucket seat main car will not do.

Our regular mail carrier says she bought her first vehicle for $300, and that talking to the other carriers can be helpful.


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