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My Tuesday is your Saturday, for those of you with the most standard work schedule.
For much of that last six months, I've used all of Tuesday and much of Wednesday to physically recuperate from the demands that Thursday through Monday require.
For the last few weeks the adaptation has seemed to take, and I can do a lot more on my "weekend".
One of my far-back-burner projects has been a concept piece on doing a Vashon Lodging/Shopping/Restaurant and Services Guide, quite possibly to be followed by a similar effort for Pioneer Square. In both cases there are organizations that make maps and publish lists, but don't result in a format that I find most personally useful. I have a scheme for the project being at least cost-neutral, with a potential for profit, but the real motivation has more to do with my love of lists, research and helping other businesses with outreach.

So I was excited to spot, on Sunday, that the Vashon Chamber of Commerce had organized an all day tour of various lodging options throughout the island. This would be a great way to actually see these places, and fill in a whole lot of empty cells with info on costs, capacity, access, etc.
Then on Monday I took a misstep while getting down from one of the displays at work, twisted my ankle, and have spent all of Tuesday with ice, ibuprofen, and reading with my foot up. I expected to be frustrated at the timing and loss of opportunity but in truth I'm really grateful for a good excuse to blow off the day, and take yet another nap. And now - off to early bedtime! (Ankle is mostly better now, still some swelling but no pain.)

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