Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley


On Monday I took a misstep on the way out of the big display window and twisted my ankle. Not bad, it could still take weight, but with definite soreness.

Monday night there was significant swelling but no bruising, and it didn't hurt much. Tuesday through Wednesday I (somewhat gratefully) abandoned all other plans and sat with my leg up, occasional ice, the usual RICE measures. Thursday and Friday were regular work days. The ankle continued to be slightly sore and I've been very careful with it. Took my favorite ice pack with to work so that I can continue icing on breaks if I feel like it. Friday I didn't feel the need.

This morning (Saturday) getting ready for work again, and the discomfort is almost completely gone, but I see the the swelling has *increased* since yesterday. Guess I'll be better about that ice pack today!
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