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Emerald City Comic Con

Next week is Seattle's big comic convention, Emerald City Comic Con. For the first time in many years, I won't be working at the show, somewhat because Phil and Kaja have moved their fulfillment to Topatoco, but mostly because I can't get the whole weekend off from my toy store job. So although I have a 3 day pass, I'll only be there all day Friday and part of Saturday evening. These two factors combine to leave me a little concerned about what I'm going to be doing there, and whether I'll manage to meet up and hang out with anyone.

If you're going, and have both the time and the interest to hang out, please let's coordinate.

Now, on to the listing! This time I used a combination of my daily webcomic trawl (and see who posted about the show on their site) and a skim through the Exhibitor list. I know I've missed a few. And I know there are a lot more webcomics attending than this first compilation shows. Let me know in comments and I'll edit the list.

If I have the time later today, I'm thinking of putting together a writeup about what I as a reader and attendee would like to see about show - which is why there are short notes about whether they posted about the show on their site or not.

Emerald City Comic Con 2013 – Webcomic Notes
Gene Ambaum – Unshelved – 1212 -
Bonus points for listing table location
Donna Barr – Stinz –1214 -
Event bar on blog sub-page
Bill Barnes – Unshelved – 1212 -
Jennie Breeden - Devil’s Panties – 1205 -
Convention sub-page with map clickthrough
Danielle Corsetto – Girls With Slingshots –1108 -
Lar DeSouza - Least I Could Do, Looking for Group, more – 1106 -
Event list on page (doesn’t say exactly who – I’m guessing)
Phil and Kaja Foglio – Girl Genius – 1204 –
Click through from Our Schedule at bottom of page
Brad Guigar – Evil Inc. – 1206 -
Big posting on page with location and MAP
Matthew Inman – The Oatmeal – 1202 -
No mention
[? Jeph Jacques - Questionable Content – no mention on website - ? 905/1002 Topatoco]
Dave Kellett – Sheldon – 1105 (? Half Pixel) -
No mention on website
Scott Kurtz – PVP – 1105 (? Half Pixel) –
Event list on page
Sam Logan – Sam and Fuzzy - ? -
Event list on page, haven’t spotted the ECCC listing
Kel McDonald – Sorcery 101 – 1008 -
Event list on page
Angela Melick – Wasted Talent – 806 -
Top banner notice
Randy Milholland – Something*Positive –1108 -
Top banner on page, probability of Choochoobear plushes
Yuko Ota – johnny wander - ? -
Alina Pete – Weregeek – 705 -
Event list on page
SofaWolf – 512 – Publishes Digger and other great titles, not sure which creators are coming
Ryan Sohmer – Least I Could Do, Looking for Group, more – 1106 -
Event list on page (doesn’t say exactly who – I’m guessing)
Kris Straub – Broodhallow (and a bunch of others) – 1105 (? Half Pixel) -
No mention on webpage
[? Zack Weiner – Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – no mention on website]
David Willis – Dumbing of Age – 1008 -
Convention list on page

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