Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Your Tuesday is my Saturday

And I've spent this one sleeping, doing laundry, making beef stew, reading even more about WordPress (seriously, why is this so hard for me when it's clearly easy and well done?!) and generally cruising the net in search of excuses from doing that last one.

In the "awesome idea I never would have thought of" department, James Harvey is organizing a redraw of Akira with all the characters replaced by people from the Simpsons. Really. Here's the link:

The next contest in StripSearch has been posted:
If you haven't been following this unusual reality TV series, the concept is to winnow down twelve promising comic creators to one winner who then gets to spend a year working in the Penny Arcade offices (and yes, that's a good thing). The first episode is here:

And then there's TableTop, a web TV show where Wil Wheaton and selected friends play a variety of different board, rpg and card games.
This has been great for me getting to know a bunch of the things we sell at the toy store, without having to buy myself a copy and wrangle people off to the island to learn it. I also signed the shop up as a host for the upcoming TableTopDay this Saturday. We're going to be showcasing Pentago, Suspend and Anomia.

And now, back to surfing! No, I mean reading about WordPress! (I really mean surfing...)

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