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Surfing and Ragwort and Ebay, oh my!

Web surfing that is. I've become very interested in compiling a list of currently operating bookstores with an emphasis on science fiction and fantasy. It's something I never had time for while I was one. I've found several great sources to start from (Evelyn C. Leeper's being the most fun) but I want something tailor made to my particular preferences.

Yesterday I learned a lot more about Tansy Ragwort, an invasive weed poisonous to horses that is attempting to colonize one large section of our back yard. All the reference photos I found show this squat bushy very leafy plant, while what I have is thousands (yes, thousands) of spindly, almost leafless stalks. But the flowers are quite distinctive, and the scarce leaves have a similar structure to the pictures, but much elongated. The recommended procedure is to pull them up by hand. Sigh.

Months ago, the local Post Office advertised for a opening in their Rural Carrier Staff and I applied. This would be very part time, just filling in for other people's sick days and whatnot. I'm interested because I would like to learn more about this tree-filled island we've moved to, because it provides a structured reason for getting out of the house and meeting new people, and because the pay is pretty good for the short hours you work. The only giant drawback is that the job requires having a right hand drive car.

I've been scouting the net for a while, getting an idea of what was available at what price, and finding the pickings pretty slim. Then, on Friday, just after all my paperwork and medical checks had gone through, I saw a listing on eBay Motors. I'm more than a little leary of committing to pay for something I haven't seen, but the description sounded very complete, the price was within what I was hoping to stay under, and the auction would end Saturday afternoon so there wouldn't be a lot of waiting. I bid, I won, and now I'm waiting to hear back from the seller. Anyone have any input on how long is reasonable to wait? I sent a direct email with my contact info just after the auction ended, and five hours later a similar one using the eBay message service. But now it's Sunday and there's been no reply.

A t least all this screen time has encouraged me to update my LJ!

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