Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

I may not be a good at-home worker

I wouldn't have thought this would be a problem. I always have a bazillion projects I'd like to do, ideas I get really passionate about. And I have a history of following through on tasks, whether it's helping out at conventions or doing housework.

But the last week of post-holiday, still-unemployed has been one of my most unproductive times ever. All right, massive loads of paper have been sorted, stored or disposed of, but the instigating piece of paper was not found, and there is still an equal massive load to store or trash. It really brought home to me that I have NOT in fact been doing a good job on the housework. Just having things not be dirty in not sufficient.

This very moment I should be posting mercilessly on eBay, as I have towering stacks of cool things that I wish was in someone else's care, and an oncoming train of a bill that needs to be paid next month. But I delay, and read FaceBook, and make some lunch, and putter about. I'm not like this when I'm at a job, or when I was doing the bookstore, and I'm not sure what has changed. The methods I can think of to change back aren't really an option. Get someone else to come in and work with me would do - but this isn't Chicago where I can think of five good options without effort. This is Vashon Island, home of no one else we really hang out much with.

So here's a post to share my quandary, and hopefully nudge me into getting things done.

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