Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

a question from left field

Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye have been collaborating on a series of new Myth adventure novels. The one that came out last year, Myth-Taken Identity, was illustrated by Phil Foglio.

I'm getting ready to post three of the originals on ebay (a task I do for Studio Foglio perhaps once a week) and I cannot figure out ...

What is the name of the Poodle Girl character?

I could hunt Phil down and ask him - but this book came out more than a year ago, and he quite likely won't remember.

I could find a copy of the book, sit down and read it. That sounds more like playing than working.

But, perhaps one of you knowledgable people will know the answer to this pressing question already!

Yes? Maybe?
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