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If you have to ask a stupid question ...

...ask where it's least embarrassing.

It's one of those days where I don't see what I'm looking for, and I have that unshakable feeling that it is so obvious that I will feel foolish once it's clear to me. What better place to ask for help than Live Journal, where a very limited number of people are listening, and they are already aware of how foolish I am!

I was checking on our memberships to next year's WorldCon, and found that the kid has only a Supporting Membership. Now, I'm sure he didn't vote in Site Selection, because he was a Child then, but he's now old enough to be a full Adult.

Their website, http://www.laconiv.com/2006/reg/reg.htm#chart, lists the conversion price for people who voted and, on a different page, the costs of an Attending Membership and a Supporting Membership.

Is the conversion from Supporting to Attending just the one minus the other? Or something else? And I don't see a handy Paypal option for that, even though all the others are there.


Aug. 11th, 2005 07:42 pm (UTC)
They seem to differ from convention to convention. (Or maybe it's a Worldcon vs other cons thing.)

At some cons, a Supporting membership costs the difference of what Attending was at the time you bought the Supporting.

At Chicon, it cost the difference between what you paid for the Supporting and what Attending cost at the time you convert it. So a $50 supporting membership cost $75 to covert to the $125 at-the-door price. Not $25 to convert to the $75 cost of Attending when you bought Supporting.

It's probably best to ask someone from the con's registration department to find out for sure.


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