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I guess I DO need a deadline after all...

I hadn't realized until this week just how dependent I had become on having outside forces structuring my activities.

I mean, I'm used to having way too many ideas and projects to be able to fit in any reasonable time, and getting most but not all of them done - but these last few weeks have been stunning in their unproductivity. And I'm guessing this is mostly because I don't have a "schedule" any more. If I don't get something done right away, there's no longer a stream of inquisitive phone calls, or a pile of incoming paperwork. The stacks (and STACKS) of books won't get packed and moved out of here by themselves - but there also isn't anyone except me that's screaming to have them be somewhere else.

This whole job search thing is strange for me too. Yes, I'd prefer to have a regular "come in, do the work, get paid" job now, but I haven't looked for a job since 1982. I already applied to a couple of places that I thought would be a good fit, and while no one's replied I'm told that's now the norm. And discovering that one of the openings I applied for had a total of 17,000 applicants makes it clear why Thanks But No Thanks letters are no longer common.

My personal inclination to let fate naturally offer up a perfect match is probably just laziness. And until this week, I didn't even know I was lazy!

Part of the trick, of course, is targeting what to do. My background is varied, my interests wide, my patience fairly excellent. The bookstore taught me that I love customer interaction, which would lead to anything from more retail sales to tech support. I know I'd prefer something in the downtown Chicago area, but really anything a reasonable commute away would be fine.

I thought about posting my resume on my website, and realized that I've custom written it every time I apply for something - and which one whould I choose?

So, does anyone have any personal favorite suggestions for job hunts? Read through the Chicago Tribune? Any on line listing services you really liked?

Even the job search doesn't really have a deadline, since my husband's income has been enought to cover the bills. But it would be a good counter to laziness.


Jan. 20th, 2004 02:12 pm (UTC)
I've heard several friends say that monster.com is the place to get a job. It didn't work for me.

I have only ever gotten two jobs that were not through the FOAF network, and one of those was my first job as a drugstore soda jerk when I was like 15.


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