Alice Bentley (alicebentley) wrote,
Alice Bentley

Christmas at the Post Office

I had guessed that the Post Office would be one unending stream of chaos at this time of year. Between the incredible number of parcels that are all timed to arrive at the same time, to the greatly increased number of letters and cards (many of unusual and difficult sizes), it seemed a given that this month would be very, uh, interesting.

But despite having stayed home for the holiday while my spouse and spawn are off visiting friends and relatives back in the MidWest, this has been the first day this month where I've really been given about as much as I expected. Every other day this week they've brought me in for two or three hours, then sent me home. Today it was still only six hours, but that included four round trips (a record!) and a generally higher level of panic at the office.

One decidedly odd part about doing this part-time job is that I seldom know if I'm going to work or not. Only a couple of days a month (at most) am I substituting for the regular carrier - and those days are brutal since I'm still not anywhere close to fast enough to get the whole job done on time reliably. Any other time they call I'm mostly filling in a gap or doing a special task, and it rarely requires more than an hour or two.

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