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Alice Bentley

Impressed with the Link Sausage provided by almeda, (and looking for something more specific than "got up, took the kid to school, sorted books and papers, picked up kid from school, helped with homework, sorted books and papers, went to sleep"), here's a

Sluggy Freelance :
College Roomies From Hell :
Kevin and Kell :
Sinfest :
Real Life :
General Protection Fault :
Funny Farm :
Narbonic :
RPGWorld :
Ozy and Millie :
Bruno :
Freefall :
MegaTokyo :
Suburban Jungle :
Errant Story :
Penny Arcade :
Dr. Devious :
Something Positive :
that I cruise through at least once a week (sometimes *blush* daily!).

Looking over this I realize
1) I have No Idea how this will format on the journal and
2) I really ought to get around to downloading and installing a client instead of using the "just type here" Journal Update page...

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