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WorldCon was exceptionally brief but a great deal of fun. I'm really glad we went.

I spent the daytimes in the Dealers Room running Amy Proni's table for her, with a few intervals subbing for Phil Foglio and Greg Ketter.

Managed tasty food with good company both nights, and a round of wandering through parties afterward, but wasn't inspired to stay up much past midnight. Just as well with a table to man in the morning.

(Now, that was strange... all of a sudden I was typing in a different font. But when I checked Preview, all was normal.)

Surprise for this year: low voter turnout for the WorldCon site selection! I couldn't make a good estimate beforehand of which of the three bids would win - all three had things in their favor and things to argue against them - but I would have expected that to result in a very HIGH number of voters, and it almost looks like it went the other way around. Maybe it was that all three bids, despite some issues, had the basics needed to do the job and it was more of a question of who would do the job best.

And, yeah: Denver, the bid with the weakest facilities and a concom primarily from a different city, won by a bare handful of votes. At least Chicago was not in the embarrassing position of not getting their own bid committee to vote.

The other event that really stood out was the Hugo ceremony, which was especially well managed with good timing, good jokes and some of the best choices for presenters I've seen. The Hugo party afterward was also nicely done, with the Nippon in '07 crew providing hospitality.


Aug. 30th, 2006 11:53 pm (UTC)
Tegan and I were in the "no strong feelings, so no vote" group. Yes, we could have voted "No preference", and we'll pay for that, but the cost is irrelevent.

I'll admit we were very uninformed non-voters. I didn't know about the Denver issues. It was more: Chicago, been there, done that. Ohio, yawn. Denver, well been to the airport so the city would be new, but not sure there's anything interesting.

The SMOFs may now start cringing in horror.


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