May 9th, 2004

after all

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It's one of those days where you KNOW you should be doing all these simple, not even unpleasant, tasks. They're necessary, useful and it's important to have them done pretty soon (last week would have been good).

But instead you sneak off to the laptop to watch yet another episode of Hikaru no Go. Who would have dreamed that an anime series about playing Go could be so interesting!

Lucky for me I'm almost out of fansubbed episodes - now I'll have to bug Mike about downloading the last batch.
after all

Heading up to Minneapolis on Monday

Among other activities, I decided just last week that the solution to

1) my storage locker full of shipping boxes (no, they're much too small to use for moving - but they're great for just a couple hardcovers),
2) rather more boxes of books than I thought I had and
3) the sudden influx of boxes from another Chicago fan who's selling their books to Greg...

... is to rent a truck and drive to Minneapolis. So, I'll be arriving late on Monday, unloading the truck, returning it to Elite in minneapolis, then taking Greyhound home on Tuesday. Unless anyone else has other fun suggestions, and I'm aware that I've left almost no time for that to happen.

Other rush projects for this week include shipping out the boxes of stuff I sold on ebay, moving things in the basement to make way for books from upstairs, creating an inventory and grouping series of comics for sale on ebay (gotta get them out of here SOMEhow) and cutting out and sewing a costume for Marty, needed by Friday.

The sudden thunderstorm took out this afternoon's plan of going to Marty's soccer game, allowing me to make these updates, and a little later this evening Mike and I will be taking his Mom out for dinner. Haven't picked where yet.