November 14th, 2004

after all

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End of weekend status check: did not get the lawn mowed (or the mower assembled) as it had been either raining or so foggy that everything is wet regardless.

It's been very pretty, however - especially the large tree just outside my window, which turned a most impressive reddish gold, and has been loosing its leaves very slowly.

I finally redrew the logo for my imagined Web site update. Step one of probably a hundred that need to be completed before I'll have anything to show off.

Watched more anime and cartoons than was probably wise, including the entire first season of Samurai Jack, episodes #105 through #108 of Naruto and #4 and 5 of Bleach. I joined a Meetup Group for Seattle anime fans, and hope to be able to get together with them.

There's also the beginnings of a gathering of fellow Lois McMaster Bujold readers coalescing this Thursday in Seattle. So the social aspects are looking up.

Cookies were baked, but the first several batches were sub-optimal as I continue to adapt to an electric oven. Have not finished cleaning all the dishes that the weekend's activities produced.

Only half-a-dozen boxes emptied - but then it's only 5 PM here right now, so there's every change of getting more done tonight. OR I could watch some more anime....