August 19th, 2005


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Today I passed my drivers test for employment with the Post Office as a rural carrier. So in the space of four weeks I've gone from being a lay-about housewife (who never seemed to have enough time to do everything needed anyway) to having three different paying part-time jobs. Whee!

The Post Office is the one that will be inflexible about which hours are needed, but will in all likelyhood result in only one day a week or less.

Working at Studio Foglio has always been snuck in spare hours at the house, with the about once a week trip to the studio (2 hours away) to do the essential in house stuff.

Job number three isn't technically "paid" because I'm working for shop credit - but I'm learning so much working at a gardening nursery that I swear I'd be willing to do it for free, and I'm sure to need all that credit once we figure out what we want to plant on the 2.7 acres that came with our new house.

Now, off on more errands.