October 24th, 2005


Four weeks later...

I slowly rejoin the rest of the world.

I started a new job as a substitute Rural Mail Carrier. Usually, this would mean one or two days a month, perhaps the occasional couple of hours on dedicated tasks. Instead, the carrier I substitute for went on vacation for three weeks while I was still finishing the inital training. So a task that takes her about six hours a day was taking me closer to ten or eleven hours. The job is both physically and mentally demanding, and I spent most of the last four weeks limping home and falling asleep.

Now that she's back, I'm not even on the schedule - so I can start catching up on the many many things I expected to do in the evenings, only to lapse into unconsiousness.

My new sleep pattern is 1) fall asleep before 9 PM, 2) wake up restless at 1 AM, 3) putter about uselessly until 3 AM, 4) fall asleep again until the alarm goes off at 5 AM. I plan to now follow that with 5) go back to sleep after dropping the Kid off at school.
after all

Travelling to the Midwest

Next Tuesday I'm flying over to Chicago, on my way to the World Fantasy Convention in Madison WI. I'll be working at the DreamHaven table. so I won't see much of the programming, but I hope to have a very fine time chatting with people both at the table and afterwards.

So, anyone up for dinner plans?