December 9th, 2005

after all

I enjoy reading you all so much

And yet I am so ambivalent about writing anything myself.

But I've decided to try to put something together once a day, and post it here. I'm keeping busy, having fun, but don't have any particular thing I can point to and say "this is what I am right now".
I'm a mom, a spouse, a housekeeper (needs improvement), a gardener-to-be. But none of these fill the same slots that "bookseller" or "particle accelerator operator" or "optical design engineer" used to fill.

I work part time at the Post Office as a Rural Mail Carrier, and it's fun (and it pays!) but it's not what I am.

I don't really need a job title to be happy with myself, but not having one has made me realize how darn convenient they were.