February 17th, 2006


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Another chapter of "It's A Small World - But I Wouldn't Want To Paint It" continued tonight. I zipped over to Cafe Luna to sit in on the first half of a Kat Eggleston concert.

I had seen her name show up here on Vashon once before, but it was during our Christmas jaunt to the MidWest, so I never found out what the connection was. I mean, I knew she did a lot of traveling, but she stopped in the shop in Evanston fairly often and was clearly a local.

Turns out, it's here that she's from. Evanston is just one of the places she's stayed for a while. She pointed out, with clear pride and pleasure, her father sitting in one of the comfy chairs up front.

The concert went very well. The sound system was clear, and neither too quiet or too loud. It's going to run until 10 PM altogether, with some guest performers, but I'm going to be back at the Post Office at 6:30 AM, so I skipped out after saying howdy. We're going to try getting together for a longer chat later in the week. Fun!!