June 14th, 2006


Task Avoidance

I read LJ pretty much every day - sometimes multiple times a day - but almost never post. I have yet to do develop that casual just-chatting style while writing, although I enjoy conversations very much.

Today's post is inspired by my deciding to apply for a job. This requires a resume. Which I haven't done one of in almost twenty years.

Now I have a bare first draft done, and it looks terrible to me. But I'm at a loss as to how to progress. I don't know what to change, or which direction to take it. I've even caught myself defending the current wording, much like a doting parent with a snot-nosed child.

And then there's the cover letter. So far, I've gotten to "Dear Ms. Hyde" (the contact name on the posting I'm interested in).

I know, I'll do a load of dishes, and then laundry! No, no, back to staring at the screen. Better yet, cruise LJ again...