August 13th, 2006


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Over the last couple of months I've had an increasing interest in doing something more targeted and careerlike than "housewife and part time mail carrier". My initial impulse to Get A Real Job stumbles against the realities of commuting (it would be a long one to anywhere likely to pay well), training (out of school since '81) and focus (what DO I want to do when I grow up?).

Additionally, I'm still quite taken with my lifelong passion of uniting people with things they would love, although I'm no longer willing to run a retail operation to accomplish this. I'm also more than slightly interested in using some of the vast pool of information I gathered as a direct result of running The Stars Our Destination.

So I'm leaning once again toward the idea of publishing a newsletter - either monthly or six times a year. Like the old Stars newsletter, its primary focus would be listings of upcoming releases. Because I'm not planning to sell them myself, it would also have references on good places to get books from. And probably some short articles about things that are special to me. And the occasional list of award winners or related books.

My thought is that I would be able to charge just over printing and postage for those who wanted to get a paper copy in the mail, and post the text online for free (although I'll put up a tip jar). There are already a fair number of SF related online newsletters and review sites. I'm imagining something more like a book list, and something that would have links to those other sites. My goals would be to 1) have a convenient place for people to see what's just about to come out, 2) provide linked lists of other useful information sources, 3) help rally attention for people who produce and sell science fiction, 4) have something I can point to when people ask "So, what do you do?".

Now, WorldCon's coming up, and it leads to the aweful temptation to throw together a sort of Issue 0. It would be both an example of the sort of thing I'm thinking about, and a survey to gather information on whether other people share any interest in this.

And then I remembered my little-used LJ account, and how I can get a first pass on the concept even before I've put serious work into it!

So, waddaya think?
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Sometimes I run across single lines in books that are clever and concise enough to stand on their own, yet there's no one in the room for me to conveniently read them out to. Unfortunately for you, there's always LJ.

"An unexpected knock in the dead of night is alarming even if you have a clean conscience—or so I imagine." from Very Bad Deaths by Spider Robinson