September 26th, 2006

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I use this LJ account at least daily to read through my Friends List, (and also the Friends List of my other account readerofwriters where I can friend all the people I don't know at all (and some I do) without feeling all weird about it.)

But when it comes to posting, I , just , don't.

I think about it, sometimes stare at the blank page, and realize that the things that are happening around me just don't make good news. I mean, *I'm* delighted that we have yet another stunningly beautiful day here, with the likelyhood of more to follow, but it's not News news. I feel accomplishment in getting another forty or so files opened, resized and resaved as a project for Studio Foglio, but it's not the sort of thing you proclaim out to the multitudes about.

But I do have one project gaining steam that I could post about without restraint - the speculative fiction newsletter that I've puttered about with ever since closing the bookstore. At WorldCon I handed out a preliminary version to about 50 people, along with a survey asking for input. Two people actually mailed back the survey (and I'll be shipping out an ARC of something to each of them) and about a dozen people told me their thoughts while we chatted. It looks like there is quite a bit of interest, and even the potential for it to be financially self-sustaining.

In the course of working on it, I compile publication info from a lot of different sources, and also get the occasional ARC (that's Advance Reading Copy for those of you new to the biz) and promotional material from the publishers.

So now I'm contemplating using an LJ account as a way to chronicle the process. Remarking on the arrival of promotional kits isn't the sort of thing I want to use the newsletter for - but it's pretty interesting to me, and may be a good heads-up to both authors and booksellers on what properties the publishers are looking to put some extra push behind.

(hmm, I started to ask a multi-part question, but I think I'll play with LJ's Poll options instead...)
after all

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