November 25th, 2006

after all

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Whoosh - my days seem to pass just like nights, mostly because all I've been doing is sleeping.

I flew back from my whirlwind trip to the MidWest just in time to put in four 11 1/2 hour days at the Post Office, made extra fun by the persistent cough I picked up while travelling.

Wednesday, Thursday and now the majority of Friday was spent ... sleeping. I get sleepy around 9 pm, sleep until 8 am or so (hours later than I usually get up), shower, do some chores, then take a nap. Today's "nap" lasted from 10 am until 9 pm. And I can tell I'll be ready to go to sleep again soon.

I suppose I must really need it, but between the trip, the Post Office, and this I am loosing track of all the things I really *wanted* to do.

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Still coughing, still convinced that it's an allergic reaction to too much dust, or a result of too much travelling and work, i. e. not a contagious type cough.

Perhaps I'll be courageous and venture out tomorrow.