December 18th, 2006

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A shout-out to my LJ readers as I post from the cafe in town. The power went out at our place on Thursday evening, a not unexpected result of a major windstorm.

Friday morning the power was still out for the majority of the Seattle area - the radio reported 1.4 million customers without power. School was cancelled and the hubby decided to stay home with the kid rather than drive 2 to 3 hours only to arrive at a dark building for work. I went off to deliver parcels for the Post Office, which gave me a chance to see many huge trees down, and lots of power lines snaking through the streets.

Our house is all electric, so not only no lights and no internet, but no heat and no water. Bummer.

Saturday, repeat.

Sunday the three of us drove over to the far north side of Seattle, where friends of ours never lost power at all, and got showers! and warm! and real food!

This morning, power is still out. The big tree leaning into the power pole is still there. And school has been canceled even though they have power there (which I don't understand). Which is why I'm sipping hot chocolate at the cafe now that I've finished with today's parcel runs.
after all

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Power is back on! That was 93 hours without lights, heat or running water.

Sounds miserable, and it was, but we had plenty of warm clothes to wear, food to eat and a town nearby that got power back in 24 hours.

Still, I think we're going to be making a few small changes around here.