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January 16th, 2007

Another couple inches of snow on top of the packed-down ice - all very unusual for this temperate rainforest.

School is starting three hours late to give the plows a chance to clear the main roads, and so that folks will be driving when it's light.

I had my own adventures on Saturday, with much slipping and sliding while delivering mail, followed by being completely unable to make it back up a hill and continue my route. The chains that came with the car worked fine for about 20 minutes, then the right one comes off.

As of yesterday, I have beautiful new chains (a much better design) and I'll be going in today to deliver the part of the route I couldn't manage on Saturday. So, anyone on Maury Island that didn't get mail on Saturday - now you know why.
I learn another new thing today!

Even brand-new, best brand tire chains fall off if you turn the wheels while beginning to move. Like, say, when you're moving away from a mail box you just filled.

The (barely) good news was that the new chains are easier to put back on. While it does require lying full length in the icy snow while you grab the other end, that's about the worst of it. Even though I was only doing a third of the route (the parts I hadn't finished on Saturday) I still landed up putting the chains back on five different times. Sigh.


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