August 23rd, 2007


My beautiful iPhone

Last month I bought one of those snazzy new iPhones. Overall, I've been very pleased with it.

One interesting aspect is that it does *so* many things so very well, that I have a tendency to instead focus on the few things it does not do. For instance, it does a fine job of downloading webpages, quickly letting you move around the page or do a two-finger zoom. But there's no way to save a copy of the page. A real bother if you don't want to have to fetch the page image every time you look at it.

The iPhone does a few things that I don't need at all. Like stocks, and YouTube.
It doesn't do a few things that I would have thought easy, like store or view jpgs, or ebooks.

And there are still a few interface issues - like Audiobooks are a built-in option to the iPod section, but I have yet to find any way to get audiobook files into that section. I can still listen to them, but they're stored along with all the music files. So don't hit "all songs on shuffle" unless you want a really odd experience.

Now, some iPhone linkage!

For those of us who delight in destruction, the age-old question: "Will it blend?"

Nicely done video of some of iPhone's hidden features. Sorta.