February 18th, 2008

after all

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I have been remiss on my aikido updates.

My third class was the next Monday, and we went over 6th and 5th kyu test requirements, since Saturday several people would be testing.
I was very glad that I had seen these techniques before, because they demonstrated and then practiced an impressive number of them. My skill at *doing* them is still at bare beginner level, but at least it felt like I was following the overall pattern.

On the fourth week, work ran late, so I skipped the Monday class and drove into town again on Wednesday. Arriving about 10 minutes before class was to start, there was one other student and we were both locked out of the practice area. We hung about until 6:35, when we could hear the distinctive counting done during warmups. Pounding on the door resulted in someone coming to our rescue.
Memorable moments included my re-introduction to ikkyo irimi (I thought I knew that one - clearly Needs Work), and the end of class kokyudosa exercise which I persist in trying to muscle through even though that never works even for people who have the muscle to back it up.

This week my plans to get to class were sharply curtailed when just after a mid-afternoon snack I felt like I was going to loose it and everything else I've eaten this week. Not the sort of thing to try doing rolls with. So I'm back at home, admittedly a little woozy, and have only yard work and a chiropractic appointment to get through on Tuesday.

I have every expectation that I'll get to class on wednesday, but I suppose time will tell.