February 24th, 2008

after all

Ah, webcomics

I love webcomics. Bucketloads of entertainment just waiting for my passing glance. There's almost a hundred titles I keep a watch on, and another fifty or so that I check in on once a month or so.

Since each one takes only moments, this still doesn't add up to more than 30 minutes a day. Often scanned while eating breakfast, so it's not even time lost.

The review site Websnark has recently started posting again, after a long hiatus. And now I'm sure to be introduced to even more fine reading material.

So many people seem to be doing movie memes, which I don't participate in because I have seen so few. I'm tempted to start a webcomics meme - would that be fun?
Memes are for sheep

Webcomics meme

I don't usually do the meme Thing, so I'm a little unclear on the proper procedure. But, here's a ginormous list of webcomics that I'm familiar with (I don't read every one every time...).

Bold the ones you really like. Strike out the ones you dislike. Add favorites that aren't listed at the bottom.

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