March 6th, 2008

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In between triaging email, I've been surfing. Since both Boing Boing and Making Light linked to Kevin Kelly's article on 1,000 True Fans I feel I might be chattering about something "so 15 minutes ago", but I never claimed to be cutting edge.

Implicit in his article is the involvement of the internet; as a fast, free way of getting the information out there, and as a way of fulfilling both orders and payments. Overall, it was really nice to see something that both encourages creators, and helps caution them on realistic expectations.

And the Bruce Schneier reference was nice too.

On a completely unrelated note - doing the prescribed abdominal muscle exercises specified by my chiropractor leads to a whole new respect for breathing.

Gary Gygax, RIP

On March 4th, the news rocketed through the blogosphere that E. Gary Gygax had died. I was amazed and sometimes delighted by the outpouring of memory and inspiration this released. And as I'm already starting to loose track of what I saw where, I'm listing a bunch of the links here.

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