May 8th, 2008

after all

Getting a grip on the problem

I really enjoy reading folks LJ posts. And I feel like I ought to be contributing my own observations, thoughts, questions and what-have-you as part of the conversation.

But when I go to put together a post, a dozen different things occur to convince me not to finish it.

Most commonly, I realize the thing I planned to write about is so trivial and unremarkable that it doesn't warrant bringing up.

Or the topic is about something that upset me - and writing about it is also upsetting. And I don't like to be upset, so I stop.

Sometimes the topic is a question so specific, and so unlikely to match my readers experience, that it feels odd to ask.

Recently there have been several cases where I really want to comment on someone else's post, but I don't feel like I'm close enough to them to make the sort of personal remarks their subject calls for.

This particular middle-of-the-night post almost foundered before it was begun, as I realized I didn't have an icon that fits my idea of "can't sleep, don't want to work". But I was strong and wrote this instead. And I'm just going to use my current default.

So, throw me a rope please, oh internet friends. Tell me what you'd like to read about, what I should push myself to write about, and I'll do my best to answer. (Answers not guaranteed to be prompt, especially since this weekend is the Emerald City Comic Con, and I'm expecting to work my butt off there.)