May 16th, 2008

You don't say!


So, I'm thinking pretty seriously about going back to school part time and getting an MBA. The eventual goal is to get a fairly well paying job working full time for someone (not freelance).

The part I loved the best about some of my past jobs were learning a fairly complicated system, then making a best match between what the system had to offer and what the customer needed. I enjoy retail sales, but that's not likely to lead to "well paying" work. I like Customer Service, but ... same deal.

Looking over all the options, it seems like Marketing best matches things I love to do with jobs other people are willing to pay for. Cruising through job postings, experience matters (so running my own shop was good, and my decades of time with the book and comic industry is great) but education is also critical. And I haven't been to school since 1981.

Using the web to research school options, Argosy University is an easy commute, offers both classroom and distance learning, and is very upfront about their costs and options. Both UW and Seattle University offer an MBA program, but are less informative about what it covers or how much it costs, although it looks like UW is about twice the cost of Argosy.

My questions for you:
1) Would you think this is a good direction for me to try?
2) Can you point me to a good resource for comparing schools? The Business Week lists (for example) don't seem to break down by physical location much, and neither Argosy or Seattle U is listed at all. I would dislike to put in the time and money only to find that an MBA from my chosen school is disregarded.