June 28th, 2008

You don't say!

The hilarious phenomena of Blog for Money

Sure, I've heard about folks who see the rise in blog popularity along with emerging options for advertising and figure it's a get rich easy world. But I've never stumbled upon the results before.

Project Wonderful Theory pinged my radar when they applied to be an advertiser for Buck Godot and What's New. They are a blog purportedly aimed at discussing the economics and mechanics Project Wonderful, which is one of the advertising systems that Studio Foglio uses.

The writeups on the blog show only a muddled understanding of the Project Wonderful system (there are no payments for click-throughs, for instance) and don't encourage any kind of conversation with the audience that hasn't arrived yet anyway. Some specific points of Fail are using Project Wonderful's logo even though the blog is not part of that company, and neglecting to have any person's name as the presenter of the blog.

Ha! I just placed what it reminds me of: the Cargo Cult. They know that some other people have blogs, and also make money. They just haven't built the right landing strip yet!