July 8th, 2009


Webcomics at San Diego Comic-Con

In only two weeks [eta: now beginning!] the San Diego Comic-Con begins, the industry's biggest, craziest, funnest (not a word) convention of the year. With even more webcomic creators there than last year. The Powers That Be have moved several of the exhibitors that used to be in the Indy artists areas into the growing Webcomics Domain, so we have ever-more concentrated awesome in the area. Check out the listing page to see exhibitors for the whole show. [more edits in progress - gotta go work, back later!]

Blank Label - 1330
David Willis, Shortpacked!
Greg Dean, Real Life
Paul Taylor, Wapsi Square
-- Bringing Vol.s 1, 2 and 3 ($20 each) and the Sketchbook ($15)

Blatant Comics - 1328
Bobby Crosby, Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar, Marry Me, No Pink Ponies
-- They will have copies of their graphic novels of Marry Me, Last Blood, the first volumes of +EV
-- and No Pink Ponies as well as a Comic-Con exclusive issue of Dreamless.

Blind Ferret - 1435
Ryan Sohmer, Lar Desouza, Least I Could Do, Looking for Group

Dayfree Press - 1231
Sam Logan, Sam and Fuzzy
Jeff Jacques, Questionable Content
Christopher Hastings, Dr McNinja
David Malki!, Wondermark
Scott Bevan and Kent Earle, White Ninja

Dumbrella - 1335
R Stevens, Diesel Sweeties
Jon Rosenberg, Goats
Andy Bell, Creatures in My Head
Sam Brown, Exploding Dog
with special guests Chris Yates and Meredith Gran, Octopus Pie
[Last year Scott McCloud, Wil Wheaton and MC Frontalot also stopped by.]

Explosm - 1232
Zach Weiner, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Halfpixel - 1228
Dave Kellett, Sheldon
-- Dave has a page about what he's bringing.
Brad Guigar, Evil Inc (and, like, half a dozen others)
Kris Straub, Starslip
-- Kris has a page about what he's bringing.

Keenspot - 1229
Maritza Campos, College Roomies from Hell!
-- Bringing 10th Anniversary flash drives, one of the cooler new products to hit the market
Chris Layfield, Pascalle, Zap!
-- They'll have Comic-Con exclusive button packs along with Vol. 1 and the just-released Vol. 2
Alex Kolesar, Joseph Kovell, No Need for Bushido
R. C. Monroe, Out There
Mike Rosenzweig, Everything Jake
Ryan Smith, Accursed Dragon, Funny Farm
Kel McDonald, Sorcery 101, As We Were, Strange Someone
-- Comic-Con exclusives on Sorcery 101, Crow Scare #1, The First Daughter #1, debut books
-- Accursed Dragon Vol. 1, Zap! Vol. 2, Out There Vol. 3, Wandering Ones Vol. 2

Penny Arcade - 1237
Jerry "Tycho" Holkins, Mike "Gabe" Krahulik, Penny Arcade

PVP - 1235
Scott Kurtz, PVP
-- Comic-Con exclusive Binwin poster

Rooster Teeth - 1437
Griffon Ramsey, Luke McKay, Red vs Blue

Something Positive/ Devils' Panties - 1230
R. K. Milholland, Something Positive
Jennie Breeden, Devil's Panties
Aiere, Queen of Wands
Chris Daily, Striptease
Aiere and Chris Daily together, Punch and Pie
J. Grant, Mel Hynes, Two Lumps

Studio Foglio - 1331 [this is where I'll be - with the brand new Volume 8!]
Phil Foglio, Cheyenne Wright, Girl Genius, Buck Godot, What's New with Phil and Dixie
[Kaja will not be able to come this year (sob!) but we will try to keep you entertained anyway. Working the booth this year, in addition to myself, is previous Minion Savanna and current Minion Carol!]
In nearby Artist' Alley

Table E10
Spike, Templar Arizona
-- Bringing Vol.s 1, 2 and 3 and the just- arrived Sincerist patches.
Dirk Tiede, Paradigm Shift
-- Vol. 1 and 2 of Paradigm Shift, Minis, and new prints

Table JJ-17
Keith Quinn, Local Heroes, Playtime Projects

Table K-14 - Squid Works
Stan Yan, REVVVelations

Table K-16
Stephen Notley, Bob the Angry Flower

Table O-1
Brion Foulke, Flipside"

Table S-13
Jim Hillin, Wireheads

In the also nearby Small Press Area

910 CMX - A4
Chris Hazelton, Misfile
Thomas F. Revor, Darin Brown, Crossworlds
Robin Ericson, The Wotch
Rebecca Heineman, Sailor Ranko
CD Rudd, Sailorsun.org

Over in the Indy Press grouping:

Exhibit A - 1909
Batton Lash, Supernatural Law

- 2000
Bill Williams and Robb Phipps, Sidechicks

Blue Dream Studios - 2002
Scott Christian Sava, The Dreamland Chronicles
-- Scott has a page up of the numerous items he's bringing (just scroll down below the comic) including the new-for-the-show Vol. 3.

Unshelved - 2300
Bill Barnes, Gene Ambaum, Unshelved
Jorge Cham, Piled Higher and Deeper
-- They will be handing out a limited number of Webcomic posters, so make sure to stop by early!

Soulgeek - 2517
Ben Paddin, Jump Leads

Dark Horse - 2615
Mohammad F. Haque, Ananth Panagariya, Applegeeks

And in the general comics area:

Splashpage Comic Art - 4400
Cameron Stewart, SinTitulo

Adventure Retail - 4423
Aaron Williams, Nodwick, PS238 and more

Mr. Toast - 4831
Dan Goodsell, The World of Mr. Toast, Gags

Coming to the show, but I'm not sure where they will be hanging out:

Shannon Wheeler, Too Much Coffee Man [Maybe at Dark Horse (2615)?]
Magnolia Porter, Bobwhite
Jen Babcock, C'est la Vie
Jeff Zugale, Just a Bit Off

Now, I am sure that I've missed some folks, or added in someone who can't make it, so leave comments and I'll edit this post.