August 3rd, 2009


No WorldCon for me

I'm in Chicago to help G on her path to recovery from the surgery she had on July 20th.
That recovery has been much slower than hoped for, and it now seems certain that when she does check out of the hospital she's going to need full time help at home until more strength and ability comes back.
So I'm staying here in town to help while she's still in the hospital, and more importantly to be available when she checks out, whichever day that turns out to be.

I'm mostly sorry for the poor Programming folks, because I had agreed to be on five different panels, moderating three of them. Now they've got to make some last minute changes, and I know how not-fun that is when you're in the final stretch of preparations.

I'm also sorry to not be live-blogging the event for Con Reporter, a fairly new project that I find quite fascinating. Now that I know that the hospital has free wireless, I plan to LJ and twitter about the convention from afar. It's not at all like being there, but it might provide an interesting side view. All posting will have to work around whatever G needs, so expect sporaticity (not a word).

Depending on how things progress here, I'm now thinking I might bop up to the Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con (or whatever the official name is now). having not planned for it in advance, I don't know of anyone personally who's going - so if you are let me know! The only webcomic creator that I've seen mention it is Jennie Breeden of Devil's Panties.

And now, off to triage email! (It's been a couple of days since I sat down with the laptop.)