August 7th, 2009


(no subject)

1) WorldCon - two panels today that I was scheduled to be on:
21:00 Room P-516E, Shojo Anime. My top favorite is still Fruits Basket, but that's so well known I don't expect much discussion of it. I'm sorry to miss the debate an what makes something "shojo".
22:00 Room P-524B, Tales of Super Science: Making the Unworkable Work. I'm assuming that I would mostly be adding commentary from my time at FermiLab, with a few notes from Tropel. I didn't so any scence at the bookstore - although making the unworkable work was a major theme.

2) Biz-stuff - Poked around to find my old notes but haven't started the draft yet.

3) WizardWorld - I've heard that Preview Night was suckola for Dirk, fabulous for David Willis, good conversations for Jennie Breeden, and Spike skipped Thursday. G is still in ICU and feeling lonely and bored, so I'm probably not going to run myself out to the suburbs to check it out for myself.

4) I have a short bit I want to write up about sales expectations at San Diego Comic-Con, and why selling out in advance would logically lead to a flattening of the daily sales pattern.

5) I want to do a rough count of number of webcomics, especially looking at how many update regularly, and how often. I would love to come up with some sort of pages/day overall view of how the field is expanding, which ones are self-supporting, which completed ones continue to draw new readers, and stuff like that.

6) iPhone apps for webcomics. Pretty much the moment that apps were opened up to developers, I was sketching out how the iPhone might be used as another delivery mechanism for webcomics. But I'm not a programmer, and I was unable to interest my spousal unit (who is one) in taking this on as a project. My interest is outreach for the comics, renumeration for the creators, and a way for me to help facilitate the two. Now, more than a year later, there are so many companies chasing that option that the creators are overwhelmed with options, and there's no clear path on which to choose. And none of the ones I've checked out are using the methods I would have chosen.

7) Hanging out - more later

8) Business models - more later