February 16th, 2010


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Back from Capricon - what a wonderful time! Great panels, great parties, only a little drama, and about a bazillion people I haven't seen in years and actually got to sit and talk with.

On the All Is Balance side of life, the harddrive in my laptop is misbehaving to the point of non-operability. So I'm using the back-up Gateway laptop and missing all my easy bookmarks. And the fact that it seems that this machine does not have the office suite on it. Have yet to find a word processor or spreadsheet, which will make getting homework done today all but impossible.

The Spousal Unit plans to pick up a replacement drive on the way home from work, so by tonight I may (assuming successful file transfer) be back up to productive work.

In the meantime, I guess it really is past time I became familiar with Windows. It's been about a decade since the last time.