February 17th, 2010

You don't say!

Address book unaccessable (for now)

On Monday, sitting in the hotel waiting for our ride to the airport, my laptop started getting reeeeeeallllllly ssssllllllooooowwww. Most likely the hard drive is dying. So for now I'm using our back-up laptop, an older Gateway running XP.

I have back ups of critical files, and a full disk image from a few months ago, but until we get the drive replaced and the laptop back up and running they will just have to wait.

Meanwhile, I can only send email to those people whose address I remember, or who I've been contacting through my gmail account. LiveJournal and FaceBook have also been handy.

I'm sure I'll have my main email back up and running soon, but for now it would be easier if you contacted me through gmail : alicebentley.su AT gmail DOT com [alicebentley was already taken, and I mostly use this account for my Seattle U stuff].

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Sad news from last night is that fixing my laptop is not a simple swap and drop. And it's likely that the image on the failing drive can't be read. Pooh.

So you folks at Capricon who I promised a Great Big Webcomics List? I'm still going to compile it, but it will take a little longer than I expected. And it needs to take a back seat now and again to my school work, which is ALSO taking more time than I expected (as I scramble for copies and do the dance of file conversion).

On a distracting but inspirational note, here's a video of some guy named Josh explaining why you shouldn't despair just because you've been following your artistic career and haven't yet found success. http://blip.tv/file/3067253

[Icon chosen in honor of machines which don't do what you think they might, with both this XP box and my poor gutted PowerBook in mind.]