February 24th, 2010

after all

A whole week later and still not done

At Capricon I promised a room full of people that I would post the ginormous list of webcomics I was toting around here so that everyone could access them.

And I will! But I've been taking the time to add in all the links, and add the titles that the other panelists recommended, and put it all in alphabetical order (because it became clear at the panel that my "alpha by creator" list was not going to fly).

But there's this school thing. Yeah. With lots of group assignments that mean you better adjust your schedule to theirs of you want ot get anything done. And everything needs to be done before 8 am tomorrow.

So this is a placeholder until after this weekend, when I expect to finally finish and post the whole thing.

In the meantime, go discover Archipelago, which I have completely fallen in love with.