March 2nd, 2010

Memes are for sheep

LJ meme of the day

While the meme I've seen go by is about Rules for Writing, I'll give my variant, the answer I've given to many a hopeful new author asking How To Get Published:

1) Put the words On The Paper.

(Yes, of course it could be an electronic file, and there are many many ways to prompt yourself to make the words, and techniques for improving what they are. The point is - don't tell me your story, your great idea, your transformational experience. Put the words on the paper.)

2) Put the paper In The Mail.

(Sure, that could mean anything from finding publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts, to finding an agent. it most certainly does not mean pay someone else to print your work.)

This two step process has the advantage of simplicity, and that both steps are absolutely critical to actual publication. if you skip either one you can't get there. Does this alone get you published? Of course not.