March 21st, 2010

after all

An interval

Three school days, with their usual pile-up of work beforehand, are now completed, with the next batch three weeks away.

Now I can finally put some time into the overviews I want to do of POD options, ebook sales and contract history, and constructing a variety of analysis tools for my Capstone Project.

Oh - and getting ready for SakuraCon too! I'll be helping Kaja Foglio run the booth there. Which does mean we will both be missing NorwesCon, but that's become a yearly conflict now that they are both on Easter weekend.

I'm also back to trying to eat lots of greens (which I really don't care for much). One recipe that has what I need and is still fairly palatable is Mushrooms and Kale with a Side of Bacon.

(which, apparently, I am incapable of rotating properly. Looks fine on my local copy, so I guess it's an LJ problem)