April 21st, 2010

Seattle University

Call for Volunteers!

As part of my graduate school program, they're asking us to fill out a long series of questions about how we work with other people.

More specifically to this post, they also want me to find nine other people to fill it out - three who I have worked for, three who have worked for me and three who are peers in a working situation.

Because I don't have the typical Big Company workforce to ask, I've gotten permission to ask my fellow convention runners. So, if you have ever (not just recently) worked with, for or by me AND are willing to spend about 20 minutes filling out an online form that asks repetitive, inane questions, I would greatly appreciate it!

I'll need to tell them your name and a good email to use. If you're up for this, either leave a comment here or email aliceibentley [at] gmail [dot] com. (My middle initial is I for Irene.)