June 21st, 2010

after all

Morning's perambulations

Last night the kid showed me his most recent favorite online game, Transformice and watching him be a hopping mouse among many I can certainly see the attraction. So why was it such a surprise to see it plugged on Aaron's invaluable weekly round-up of all things cool?

What happens when an already popular webcomic creator launches a new title, and all his friends and admirers post and tweet about it? In the old days (three years ago) we called it being slash-dotted, because that was one of the few news sources with the readership to overload server capacity. Nowadays, capacity is vastly greater than then, our collective hive mind sloshes around in a thousand tide pools, and yet traffic load can bring down servers more often than ever. So don't try to visit Jon Rosenberg's newest too soon after this post - give them a couple of hours to re-route those cables!

Today's tasks: another couple of job applications and inquiries to get out, some Studio Foglio back room work, and a quest to stay on the Good side of promotion once I'm given permission to officially enthuse about books.