June 26th, 2010

You don't say!

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It's one of those wonderful/terrible days where I have several very important tasks to finish, and keep distracting myself with short not-really-necessary activities. It's gotten so bad that I have finally acknowledged that some of it is fear.

I'm just never satisfied enough with my most recent job outreach email to send it, although intellectually I bet it's fine.

And I have a big batch of books I want to sell, and keep dragging my feet about drawing that line in the sand and just posting what I have ready now. 'cause then I'll have to run around trying to persuade folks to buy them, and THEN run around packing things up and shipping them.

The bizarre part of both of these, as those who know me well will concur, is that these are both things I'm usually really good at. I LOVE talking about what I can do, and how I might fit in well with a new organization. And there's just about nothing finer than being able to offer people the chance to own and read the majority of the books I'm planning on listing. These were (are!) personal favorites collected over the decades, and I can enthuse at length about any of them, it's just time for them to go live with someone else.

Now, having faced the beastie in front of everyone, I expect I'll be able to get a bit farther in actually finishing these up. So thanks!